Fresh Eyes to Read the Bible I

Subtitle : Biblical Steps for Growing in Faith

Book Cover: Fresh Eyes to Read the Bible I

This title presents the true steps for growing in faith by considering the arrangement of the Bible's books. These faith-growing steps are revealed through exploring the hidden meanings of the Bible.

This also presents a fresh perspective concerning 'Creation,' 'Inheritance of Adam's Sin,' 'Once-for-all Forgiveness of Seventy Sevens,' 'Baptism with the Holy Spirit,' 'End Times,' 'Law and Grace,' et cetera, through exploring the hidden fresh meanings of the Bible.

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Fresh Eyes to Read the Bible I - with Added Illustrations

Over 30 illustrations are added to Fresh Eyes to Read the Bible I. While the content remains unchanged, the illustrations are intended to enhance the reader’s understanding of the unseen truth explained in the book.

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What They Say After Reading:

Chris Robinson at Amazon

A very significant bread crumb

This book has been a significant inspiration in helping me realize my position in relation to God. Every example may not have been clear to me and there were many changes in how I have learned about faith and salvation from what I have been taught up to this point but I knew the truth as it applied to my life when I read it.

I also understood we all have to individually go through our own experiences in our continuously growing realtionship with Christ Jesus in order to further truly understand how significant reconciliation with God is. This is one of the many "must reads" as you earnestly seek being one with God again.


Eddie J. Garrett at Amazon

Thought provoking

His book is really interesting. He says things the way I understand them, that "you are saved by trusting Jesus" is true in the same way "you will get full if you eat." Being saved is not something that God does to reward you; it is the natural outcome.

Quoting--"A lot of people say that Christianity is the religion of love, and they try to love neighbors, but not many people know what 'loving your neighbor' actually means. We human beings who are born of the flesh have no love of God within us. When we are baptized with the Holy Spirit, the love of God comes upon us. Only them will we have the power to love our neighbors."

He says that the covenantal understanding of the inheritance of the sin of Adam is wrong. Adam's sin is what we would have done under the same circumstances, because we live in space-time where God does not prevent us from sinning, and thusly we cannot keep from sinning.

Unfortunately, Duck denies the physical second coming of Christ and goes in other unorthodox directions that seem a bit irrational.

“Fresh Eyes to Read the Bible I”에 대한 한개의 댓글

  1. As for the Amazon reviews, the author did not aware of it in an opportune time, so he could not append reply. Now because it is quoted above, the author comments as follows:

    1. “A very significant bread crumb” by Chris Robinson
    Author is confident that Chris is a pious Christian whom God loves. If he pray persistently to God, someday He will send him an apostle to make him grow further, like the case of an Ethiopian court official of Candace who was met with Phillip sent by the Lord (Ac 8:26-39).

    2. “Thought provoking” by Eddie J. Garrett
    Yes, all insights in our materials are thought-provoking, but they are not easy reading. So reading once is not good enough. Reading over and over again will help us to have better understanding, especially so when it comes the spiritual things. Once our eyes are open, we will see that the thoughts here are not irrational at all. Rather, rationally enough, our teachings here are, and should be different from the traditional directions which did not give us rest but emptiness. God bless.

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