The New Commandment 1JOHN

Subtitle : A Fresh Reading of 1JOHN

Book Cover: The New Commandment 1JOHN

This title is not yet published, but coming soon!

"A Fresh Reading of 1 John, that Gives Sinless Life to the Reader"

'The New Commandment 1 John' signifies that 'The First Epistle of John that reads as a new commandment that gives life.'

We will go through this epistle from cover to cover. Through this book, John will show the meaning of the new commandment that he originally intended with this epistle and will introduce true Jesus to us. The very Jesus will have us pregnant with the word and then delivered so that we may have His life. With this life, we are them that love and do not sin any longer.

After all, we have toiled, hoping that we will love and will not sin, but we could not make it because we had the old life. John says that Jesus who cannot give this love of life and cannot forgive us our sins in this way is idols so we should keep ourselves from them. We pray that you meet Jesus who is introduced here.

For those who deeply realize and feel the contradictions and irrationality of the traditional doctrines, and above all things, “the absence of life” in there, it will be very much valuable to be enlightened by this book. In addition, they who seek God with all their heart will someday get to read this epistle as a new commandment, so I release this book, looking forward to that ‘someday’, too



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